How stable is 2.80 right now?

well I hope they do something for edit mode
cause it is not fun with big file !

happy bl

I feel you and to be honest it make me nostalgic of max excellent viewport performance with heavy scene to a point i might rent max for a month just to do a few task i have to do on some of my big scene.

If anyone is really bored and impatient, you might find new toys to play with here:

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In my experience, it’s mainly editmode and pose-mode transformation/deformation that remains slow. Object mode meanwhile as well as editmode drawing is a major improvement.

We’re almost there, just need fast mesh editing/deformation and hardware instancing.


is it different from the one compiled, i mean certain things enabled/disabled…i get updates from compiling it myself with no alteration, ‘git pull & make full’ that’s it , but i noticed that open-subdiv is not full working yet maybe disabled behind a flag or something.

That’s the official RC builds for all platforms. If anything’s not working then it’s a bug, but things have been pretty well tested. You can make the same thing yourself by switching to the blender-v2.80-release branch. Right now that’s the same as master apart from having the version display as 2.80 Release Candidate rather than as a Beta.

Git pull is usually not sufficient because you need to update all the submodules as well, which might well explain why your Opensubdiv does not work. If you have the standard setup you should do a “make update” to get the latest version and then “make release” if you need the CUDA kernels built (which make full does not do). That also requires the Nvidia CUDA toolkit 10.1 to be installed.

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i do ‘make update’ from time to time but i skip the CUDA building, it’s big and takes more time…but i noticed even with RC1 you posted that it’s pretty much the same as my build, it doesn’t have ‘opensubdiv viewport’ option for the modifier, so the rigs run slow without it.
thanks for the info though.

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2.79 defaulted to Blender subdiv code and provided OpenSubdiv as an option with full MP/GPU acceleration. 2.80 eliminates the old Blender subdiv code so everything is OpenSubdiv all the time. The acceleration options aren’t yet available making it slower than 2.79. There was a geometry cache implemented a while back which makes it faster when the topology isn’t changing and that has it close to the old Blender subdiv performance I think, but it’s still much slower than OpenSubdiv could be in 2.79. Full GPU acceleration is planned for a 2.8x release but I don’t think it’s known for sure when it will make it in.

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(Chuckle …) I was “inside” as a contractor at Apple when “OS/X Lion” was poised to become public – “dub dub dee cee” was only a short time away, and Steve Jobs (RIP :sob: ) by gawd(!) would see it. Yes, there were thousands of open bug reports. But, the release happened on-time anyway, as so many had done before, and It Was Good.

Viewing this as “a very experienced outsider,” (Well, “colleague to colleague.”) I will candidly say that I am more than impressed with what this team has accomplished. (I truly mean this as very highest praise.)

(Ahem …) Although I respectfully disagree with the technical decision to completely remove the “Blender Internal” renderer and believe that it should very soon re-emerge “much better than ever it was” as a renderer choice, I cannot in good faith condemn you for your present release decisions. They were indeed sound.

You have, indeed, caused Blender to once again “turn a monumental corner.” So many “corners” at once, actually …

(But, fair warning: you do realize that we’re gonna come to expect this from you … :wink: …)

“Rest on your laurels” … until your “fifteen minutes of fame” (ding!) are up.

"Break out the Shrink Wrap, people! It’s FISI Time!"

(FISI == “:smirk: it … ship it!”)


Probably on the medium term but for similar performance with max viewport i would be very skeptical until i see it in action!

I am very happy at all that was done so far and like they say ; prepare for the worst and hope for the best! :sweat_smile:

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that explains it then, i though it was disabled, but to have OpenSubdiv with full gpu acceleration in future versions, that would be cool :+1:

(You can watch the last 20 seconds, it needs time to happen, also notice the slowdown after the “quad” view is used the first time)

Not very stable, can I send the blender file to someone to look at it? It happens at random, some times while doing undo, and, like in this case, I’ve isolate it to be caused by the Smooth Vertices command, while dragging the slider.

Use the built in bug reporting tool (Help menu > Report a Bug).