How the Apollo Spacecraft works: Part 2

Been working on this for the last 3 months.
Now that fire/smoke has GPU support, rendering went so much faster:p

There’s a lot that I couldn’t put into the video. Take a look at the video description on YouTube for a few other cool facts about the spacecraft.

Great work man, really interesting and a good concept, not too much, not too few. Well balanced.

Wow, great stuff man. The renders were a little grainy and the texturing looked a little outdated like from a show in early 2000s or something but I was intrigued the whole time. So, I think that’s what matters.

On a side note, all that’s BS. Stanley Kubrick staged the landing.


Nice work done!! really good, thanks for sharing.

now i know how they faked the apollo missions! no, just kidding. was a pleasure to watch. you might put some dirt at the spacecrafts. and there has been something wrong with the shaddow or ambient occlusion. pixels are traveling along the surface. looks weird. but these are minor problems. well done.