How the heck do I install themes in 2.45 ubuntu??

Hey all I’ve got ubuntu 7.10 and blender 2.45. I’ve downloaded some themes from various users and have as per instruction, put the files in the .blender/scripts location. But when I go and want to change the theme the only option I get are the two themes that ship with Blender? Am I doing something wrong and can I get some help?



Have a look at the following - scroll down about midway for the section on themes and how to install them. Basically, you have to run the script, then save the defaults.

Best of Luck!

When I try to open the script in the script window I get an error it won’t load. I’m still not sure how to do this…


Post a link to one of the themes you downloaded, and I’ll give it a try tonight when I get home from work.

Hey OBI_Ron. Here’s one. The odd thing is I did this before under the windows version…

The download link is above the pic.

Thanks for the help Obi_ron, got it figured out. One step that was missing (I was actually trying to OPEN the script) is: switch to the script window, click “scripts” and choose “themes”, then you can select each theme that is there one at a time. Close Blender. When you restart it, you will see your themes listed under user preferences -> themes.


Excellent - glad you got it working!