How the heck do I merge uv edges?

I wonder how do I merge uv edges in UV-editor?
It is pain in the neck to select each meshes and try to move to be close as possible, I wanna merge the uvs instead. HOW?

be more specific "what u mean two uv images or what
if so try consolitating image if not I don’t know what u r saying

It’s also a pain in the neck when people ask questions and don’t supply relevant info, such as what blender version they are using, 2.49b or 2.55beta or some other?

Blender 2.5 Using Mac Osx, You guys dont know what merge is? When two separate edges combines

I think “Welding” might be what you’re looking for. You want to weld specific vertices, however, not edges (which will bring all points of the edges together). I believe that if you weld vertices that also match up on the model they will “merge” together.