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You can’t


well i just saw a post by @ndy and he had great hair on an alien

I don’t think any tutorials have been published. He seems to be using sprite like planes that have textures on them. That or he’s using halo particles, how, I’m not sure.

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didnt mean to caps was on :expressionless: %|

Ahhh, yes, did that once in chat while talking about…I can’t remember. Was nasty whatever it was I’m sure. :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps I should say – I can’t
This is the closest I have ever been able to come – From a very old posting. I really should finish this one day.

I made a UV mapped subsurfed strip bent into a U shape so that it had some width from all viewing angles. Here is a link to the alpha map that I used for the texture.

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There is a tutorial by Manuel on sprite hairs

There is RipSting Fiber for mesh hairs
noone really uses particles


@ndy didn’t use particles.

first of all - why all the caps? it’s realy anoying.
second - I think u can use particles… but u need a lot of screwing around with it before anything goood will com out.

In the Blender 2.3 book, their section on static particles has a tutorial on how to make a little fur-ball-type creatue with static particles. If you looked around enough, you could probably find a link to that tutorial.

yes i did :wink:

i do! together with fiber :slight_smile:

@ndy how did u get that great hair on the alien

Sorry to hijack this thread, but WHAT ALIEN? I wanna see too :frowning:

@ndy’s uber excellent alien.

Ooooh, very nice hair!

yes i did :wink:

i do! together with fiber :)[/quote]

How do you use it with fiber?

could you some how use static particals and replace each partical with a model of a strand of hair?

like parenting a plane with a texture. I don’t know. if I remember right parented mesh dont show up when static is on.

yes you can replace particles with objects. just parent your mesh object to your emmitor, and press the dupliframes button. btw andy alien is not done with particles. he probably used beast or did it by hand with alpha mapped planes.