How they used to model primitives: WC. 112 Now complete

The completed version.

yep way better than it was in the wip.

Maybe the hammer could be a bit more sharp and the grass a bit more “fuzzy”.

anyway, good improvement. keep it up

Hey - that’s much better than what you started with. Good job.


About the hammer, I agree with that, I made it out of a simple cube with the side extruden and subdivided it a bit to much to get the bumpy look before smoothing it. I may or may not improve on it, rounding the hammer would mean starting over on it and the grass would take a lot of work if every blade of it would be softed. There’s literally hundreds of individual grass blades.

you could use the script fiber2 for the grass…it can achieve awesome result very easely…just make a search for it in the python forum

I could but I don’t really use python scripts, particulary because DL’ing them and getting them to work is not easy as i’ve found from instructions on how to DL them.

Its really easy. Just install python, specify the path in the user options, open the script in a text window, and push alt-p to run it! Voila!

Updated the mood of the picture, so if it doesn’t look the same that would be the reason.