How to access a Normal node sphere graphic from a python scripted panel

I have a material with nodes and one of them is a Normal node. I want that Normal node (the control sphere) appearing in a toolbar panel I’m scripting.
I’m trying things like: panelbox.prop(data.materials[‘material1’].node_tree.nodes[‘Normal’], “values”)
Can I access to it or am I wasting my time?

The type ‘ShaderNodeNormal’ does not expose anything to the API (you can find that quickly in the manual).

The only option I found is using template_node_view, for example:

        mat =["Material"]
        n = mat.node_tree.nodes["Normal"]
        layout.template_node_view(mat.node_tree, n, n.outputs[0])

I’m not sure if I’m calling it properly, but it can perhaps do what you needed.

Thank you VERY MUCH! It worked!!! :slight_smile: