How to access IPO driver data in python

In the Python API reference I found access to the target object for a driver and the target channel such as “LocX” can’t seem to find access for the name of the target bone -if the target object is an Armature. How do I get and set that data from a python script?:confused:

:spin:Comon!!! I know one of you programmers must know the answer !!!
Or? is there really no way to access this???:frowning:

Are you talking about getting the target bone from a python expression or from a regular script? Can you post the code that you allready have?

I’m not talking about a python driver. If you had a shape key driven by a bone - like mancandy and you look at the driver on the shape key Ipo curve; an aditional field appears when the target object is an armature -(as in this case) - that allows you to select a bone of the armature object. I simply want to acces that bone name from the driver and later set it from the python script.

perhaps this is what you’re after?

Look under the “Animation” paragraph and you shall find … or not :slight_smile:

Right – i’ll check this out.

H-mmm this is not what I was needing. That basically covered the basics of object driven, bone driven and python expression driven shapes but didn’t say how to access or set the name of the target bone with a script!