How to access network locations for texture (and other) files?


After further research it seems Blender does not support UNC paths, so I will be mapping a drive to the network for now.

Good afternoon all.

I’m just starting with Blender and going through some tutorials. I’ve stored the tutorials and project files on my home NAS. I am attempting to redirect the texture locations to the NAS drive without success. Is there any trick to getting blender to see network locations?

I’ve tried both “\ utorials” and “\HOMENAS utorials” without success, usually Blender (2.6) tries to create those locations as c: drive folders.

I’ll be doing more research, tutorials, Google searches and manual reading but if anyone has a simple solution that would be great.



Untested workaround until you find a fix: Map a drive letter to your UNC path via the Windows “NET USE” command. You can also map a drive via menu option in File Explorer.