how to access Object animations (actions)?

Are Object animations stored in something like Actions for bones? Seems like you can add Actions, but by default there isn’t any, even though Blender still stores the animations you make somewhere.

So I know how to read and write bone animations, they are in Actions. But how to access Object animations the same way, as something like Actions? because you could just get the Object’s position, rotation and scale each frame, but how can you know the end and start frame of the animation, as well as the name? Does it have any?

maybe you are looking for

>>> bpy.context.object.animation_data.action.fcurves[0].keyframe_points[1].co
Vector((19.0, -1.7505360841751099))


Object action is also globally stored in

>>> bpy.context.object.animation_data.action['CubeAction']

Oops, forgot to mention I need this for the 2.4 API. Though I’m going to port all my scripts to 2.6 anyway in right after I get this one done too, so thanks anyway.

I assume it should be here:
Though it’s not Object.getAction(), that returns None (even though my Object is animated in the 3d view).

I can do
Object.getLocation(), Object.getEuler() and Object.getSize(),

but I still need to be able to get the animation’s start and end frames and (default) name.