How to accomplish this light setup?

Hi folks!

I am trying to compose a scene similar to this one:

How can I get such a light setup with yafray (or the blender internal)?

I tried some light setups, but i couldn’t manage to get somethin nearly simlar to it. (I am sure this is only due to lack of knowledge :smiley: )


did you try a spotlight with buffer shadow (not ray) and halo turned on? (for the backlight)

I tried, composing the blender-standard scene like the above, with your settings, and it worked with the blender internal renderer, but not with yafray.

How do I get the same results with yafray?

But thx for your hints … if this is not possible in yafray, I’ll go with the internal

well, just looking at the light tab in yafray suggests that it is possible.

If you make the lamp a spot you’ll see an option to make it a volumetric spot. It’s the ‘Halo’ option. However, I’ve just been playing with it for a couple of minutes and couldn’t get it to do diddly.

I sugest having a bit more of an extended play than I have and see if you can come up with anything.

crap…should have read the replies a bit better. seems you’ve looked at this already. sorry :slight_smile:

Anyway, what gives with this? anyone?

Yafray halo’s don’t work with an empty background. Just put something (a mesh plane) behind the spotlight to make the halo effect visible.