How to accomplish this tub with complex curved (beveled?) surfaces?

Am trying to model the sink and tub. How do you get the larger curves (bevels) AND the insets and ridges (decorations on the outside bottom and sides of the tub). Have tried via subdivision and via building the larger shapes then beveling, but both ways ends up with degenerate geometry.

HI, with Sub-D modifier you need for each corner and edge three continues loops, one in the centre and the other on each side of the corner, what makes the corner curve or sharp is the distance of the loops on each side to the centre one. As you move the two sides away from the edge the curvature get larger. good luck.

I understand how to use Sub D to get sharp vs smooth curves in one direction but when I try to do it to get a different curved surface in the opposite direction things become a mess. Like getting the ridges at the bottom and the rounds across the beveled corner.

The first thing I did was create the corner on the outside of the tub, then create the roundness on the interior, then inset the details on the bottom, and lastly bevel the edges. The same techniques would apply for the sink.

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This is another quick and dirty example of simplicity modelling. Many ways of getting there you need to find the one you are comfortable with.

When you say “created the outside” and “created the roundness on the interior” is that with a profile and then extruded (or similar) or with a profile that you applied subD to?

I commend you on the clarity of your illustrations. :+1: