How to achieve glow in lamps

Hi, I’m a noob here, and this is my first post. I must say that I have learnt lots from reading in these forums, but I have a problem that someone is not answered completely.

I would like to make ceiling lighting effects as shown in the attached image.

I understand that creating a plane and having it emit is the first step. But even with emit value set to the max of 2, it still does not create a glow.

Reading the forums told me that I need to fake the glow by adding lamps to it.

Now my question is, how do I make a long, even lamp like a flourescent tube, to achieve the effect that there is a long line of tubes that are creating the glow?

Any help would be appreciated!


There are probably a number of ways to do this. I did a quick experiment with an area light with the shape set to ‘rect’ and distance to 3. To widen the effect like in the crown molding, you would set the width of the rectangular area light as necessary. The one in my experiment was set to 5.5 units. It is enclosed in a simple bent plane, 6 units wide, with a light cloud texture.


Again, I said I was a noob.

I didn’t know you could change the properties of an area lamp!

Thanks a million! I’ll go try it out!

You can also try to use a different renderer. Yafray, Indigo and Luxrender all support a true glow when using emit. BI doesn’t so you have to fake it with lights or wait for lightcuts to be done and integrated into blender.

in blender there is the Halo functin
check it out may be you can simulate what you want?
and there is also a method with node to have more light from an object but that;s a bit more advanced!


Thanks for all the suggestions.

I will go with G60’s method since it works for me. I’m not ready to go into Yafaray. Somehow, my scenes render differently on Yafaray as compared to the Blender Internal. But that’s another topic altogether! I’m sure I’ll be asking those questions when I get there.