How to achieve pixel-art arcade look style texturing ?


this is the look I want to achieve in a game I am making:

It seems to work well if I turn off the lights (=delete all lights) and have cartoon textures EMIT = 0.3 or even higher.
Looks very good that way.

If I have lights, it looks bad = the shading make the texture look bad = like cut-out papers from comic books.
If i turn shading off = then why have lights in the first place ?

Is that a reasonable way to make a game (=without lights and with emit materials) ? I am interested in performance comments. I suppose it will be better than lights, but I need to be sure. Does anyone know ? Or any other comment,
fire away.

Thanks in advance

PS: The game above is called King of Dragons. It is a great arcade game of the early 90’s I believe.

have you check to set ti to alpha blend under the Material panel /game settings /alpha blend mode, it helps some times

SHADELESS is the button to press.

Indeed shadelss is the correct approach, thank you!
Emit affects nearby regions, it is not good for this purpose.

Here is an example with shadeless (left half) with emit (right half).