How to achieve small waterfall effect?

I am creating a scene with water falling down a rock structure and require this effect:

I have tried many things but can not figure it out.

For a still or an animation?

For a still

Fluid sim + particles/smoke for the bubbles and spray would probably work.

For the top waterfalls you can try moony’s advice, and for the botton effect, you can use model a plane with some displacement map or sculpt.

For bigger waterfalls, using the smoke sim with cold temperatures can also help to achieve a nice result.

I’m still having trouble achieving the effect on the actual falling water part.

Just a quick scene to illustrate some possible ways to do this kind of effect…

Which part - there is water falling in a few places in the image you posted - and it looks different in each case (some has bubbles and spray, some is crystal clear). Which specific part of the image are you having a problem with?

I have circled it, basically the entire falling water part. I have a fluid sim with a shader for water on it already.

I have tried vertex painting and a procedural texture which didn’t produce spectacular results, and don’t know how to set up the particle system you were talking about. Also, the pasteall link just downloads error.html

such small waterfall needs no particles (except for foam below)… there’s always some distance where falling water separates to drops (explanation)

simple modeling and procedural texture, do OK :wink:

waterfall.blend (757.9 KB)

It appears I am getting a better effect, however it’s not quite right yet. One of my problems is that the water is pretty much transparent except for the foam (I am using the material from Secrop’s blend file) maybe some simple tweaks will help.