How to achieve this look?

Hi! I’m fairly new to using blender in a competent fashion, but I’d put myself maybe one click above noob - I know the steps to create a character and textures, normal maps, sculpting, retopo & rigging etc, just have a bit of a hard time getting the software to do what I like and following lots of youtube tutorials. I was wanting to make some characters for a little film and would really like to do it in the style of the attached image - it’s a screenshot from the unfortunately dead game ‘Gigantic,’ but I love the way it looks - it looks to me like it’s a sort of softened cel-shaded look, where it is capable of displaying a distinct rim light, key, and shadow, but it’s stylized and isn’t a physically based render (I don’t think.) Any tips you could give would really help me out!

Looks like a toon shader, normally these are made by limiting the saturation values