How to achieve this thruster effect?

Hi guys!

Just found this video on YouTube, I’m sure most of you know this game.

My question is, how can I achieve this in blender? Is particles the best way to go? It’s for an animation I want to make, a battle between star ships.

Thanks for any help.

Hi tyko,

what exspecialy are you looking for? The effect of the turbines?
If so, maybe you check out the glow-effects discribed in Andrew Price Tutorials:


Hi Chris,

It’s for an animation so the thrust needs to be animated. It doesn’t have to alternate in intensity like in that video (although that would be nice) I just want to be able to do something more than add an emission shader to the engines.

That video looks like a few cylinders painted with emission/alpha maps to look like flames, then animated to stretch and bounce using a shape key or something. You could also sculpt out a flame and give it volume emission. Might render slower, but will have more structure to it.

Yeah I was wondering if it were a texture. So maybe 2 or 3 cylinders with a stretch…animation loop thingy?