How to achieve this transparent white glass effect?

Hello! I’m currently stumped atm with this… I’m trying to make a low poly prop and I want it to look something like this.

How do you achieve that white glass outline effect with the see-through liquid?

I’d appreciate the help!! <3

Maybe a live boolean on the mesh?
where the boolean plane is locked to the cameras view?

Or some masking using camera co-ords, and a fresnel or facing node, to get an effect with a shader.

Depends which approach suits you better,

Modeling or material?


Something like this?

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ooh thank you for the help! I actually managed to figure it out with some testing!

My model is just using the emission shader and hand-painted textures so there isnt any lighting in my scene but good to know the other shaders will work too!

What I did was flipped the normals of my object and activated back-face culling in the material settings