How to achieve True Full Screen

Hi there!

I’m looking to output the scene camera on a second monitor as a stand-by.
I would like the camera to be 1:1 to the screen, no toolbar, no border. The most ‘pre-visualisation’ possible, but still being able to edit the scene in real time.

Do someone as a way to achieve this by configuration or maybe there is an addon out there?

Thank you very much

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Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

You can open a new window from the main menu “Window->New Window”, set that to 3D viewport and move that to the second monitor. Hit T to hide the tolbar on the left, or drag it to the side to minimize it. Simillarly hit N to hide the panels on the right or drag them to the side to minimize. Toggle off “Show Gizmos” and “Show Overlays” in the top right (se image) to get rid of gizmos and overlays like the selection outline, the axis in the top right corner, the floor grid and so on. Then rightclick the header and uncheck “Show Header”. you can get it back if you drag the little down arrow, just like the small arrows for the T and N panels. I think that is about as “clean” as you are going to get, atleast on windows, I don’t think there is a way to make it “full screne” but I could be wrong…

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

EDIT; slipped my mind, you can toggle fulscreen under Window → “Toggle Window Full Screen”, but if you want that on a second screen you might want to make a “New Main Window” instead of “New Window” in the first step, as that menu doesnt seem to apear in the “New Window” option if that makes sense…, or you can add “toggle window full screen” to the quick menues and trigger it in the other window from the quick menu. I would probably prefer to do it in a “New Window” and trigger it by quick menu just to not confuse myself with what was the “main” main window :woozy_face:, not sure if it has other implocations to have multiple “Main Windows” if that makes sense …

ohh, and if you ever want to just quickly make some more space for the 3D viewport, or any other editor, you could always hit “Ctrl + Space” to "maximize whatever editor you are curently hovering over, hit it again to go back.


Hey! Thank you sooo much! It’s was the right pathway. While doing your trick, I found that right-clicking on the menu bar of the viewport made available ‘’ Full Screen Area ‘’ Crtl+Alt+Space. So it’s on!

Now, the only thing I’m missing is a way to fit the 1080x1920 camera at a 1:1 ratio on the screen, meaning that when I’m going to render a video, the video will be exactly on the same position that the viewport while building the scene.

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See here:

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If you use the search function, and type the number 1, you will find the zoom camera 1:1 operator:

this will do exactly what you want


I guess it’s in the menu also: