how to activate node texture in 2.5 ?

you add an object then a material then what ?

if you go to node composite then select texture node you cannot add any texture nodes?

thanks for any help

Try creating a texture for the material, then select that texture in the node window header and select the ‘Use Nodes’ checkbox

@Ricky Do you mean that after you have set the material as a node material you can’t add any textures to that material?

Perhaps see this bug report that might have something to do with your problem and a similar one I am having.


i’m trying to make node texture for an object with some mat
but cannot add the node texture in compcosite viewport

i mean is this a bug ?

now i was able to load up a 2.49 file with some texture nodes erase and then add other nodes for texture

but i still cannot add from srcatch

what’s is theprocedure to add from scratch after addimg a material
do i ahve to add mat node in mat panel then what ?


Is this what you mean to do:
1.) Add texture show
2.) Switch to Node Editor
3.) Change to Texture Nodes at the bottom of the node editor
4.) Check the box “Use Nodes”
5.) Set up your nodes
6.) Back in the Texture properties, change the output dropdown to the node you want to use.

what you mean by

1 - Add texture show
just add a texture slot ?

2 - change the output dropdown to the node you want to use. ?

how to do that ?