How to activate object options in blender 2-53 beta?

Could anyone help me with this issue.:spin:

Up to version 2.49 when you added a basic geometry such as cylinder or sphere, one could choose the number of sides, whether to cap the object or not etc.

Blender 2.53 seem to have lost this function or is it hidden somewhere in the interface?

Also beveling seem to have disappeared from edges and ‘w’ menu

Any suggestions, alternatives please…


Press T. At the bottom of this panel when you add an object you’ll see these options.
This applies to other operations as well. Alternatively press F6 for a floating box.
Bevel is not yet included.

Number one isse is now available in the Tool Shelf dialogue, Operator panel, just hit the T key on the 3D View and search for that panel. But you must do this with your object selected and before doing any changes to it. Otherwise it appears to me these options are trashed and never more become available.

Beveling was wonderfull in 2.49 and before, not any more in 2.5 I guess, at least I can’t find it no where. Maybe it is under development for the final 2.5 series…

Wow, that F6 key is cool! Didn’t know about it. Thanks.

Although the original problem remains: after deselecting or moving the object, options for number of sides and so on become unavailable. It should do so only after editing the object.

Thanks very much!

Spent a lot of time looking around for this function— Whew!

Guess I was deselecting the new object and thus missing the bottom part of the tool shelf panel.

I solved the deselection issue by checking ‘new objects - enter edit mode’
option under ‘Editing’ tab in User preferences.

Now the new added object remains selected with the new object menu visible till I move off into object mode.