How to add a backgroundpic

I wan’t to add a background pic to make a skateboard in Blender, I need to get the right shape and size for my texture. I have Blender 2.31

You can load it into the backbuffer in the display buttons, or better yet, load it as a texture for your world. Once you load it, you might have to click around in the world buttons a bit to see it, then adjust the size and offset as you like. You can also use an empty to control the mapping, by clicking ‘object’ and shift click on the blank field and type in ‘Empty’ ( with a capital E ), then your mapping is determined by the position, size, and rotation of the empty. Good if you want your background to move realistically, and easier than setting keyframes for the size and offset buttons. However, if you prefer that method, set keyframes for the offset the same way as you would for animation, but with your mouse pointer in the world buttons window, and you will get a menu of available options for keyframes. Yet another option is to load your background image onto a plane, and set it to ‘shadeless’ in materials. Then you animate it the same way as any object.

Hey rusty. Modron has pretty much covered all angles to this topic in his post. But, it is possible that you are at that level of Blender understanding where you have no idea what he just said (I was there just a few weeks ago). :slight_smile:

So, to complement the above Deluxe answer, here is a simple “how to take over the world in 5 easy steps” version of how to load an image into the background in Blender 2.3x (I think this method suits most basic needs):

  • Your 3D window should have a menu bar/header at its base. If you can’t see the header with menu options : view, select, and object , you need to switch it on. To do this move your mouse cursor down from the 3D window until it shows an up-down double arrow. Right-click and select the option “Add Header”.

  • Now on the header, open the “View” menu and select the “Background Image…” option (second from the bottom)

  • Use the floating window that opens to load your image, adjust size, location, and transparency.

That’s it! You are now the proud owner of a running Blender window with a background image.
Hope this is helpful to some people out there, because this question seems to crop up quite often on the forums.

i need help on htis also… i cant find anything about view except pressing spacebar, but that doesnt have anything about a background image…


whoops, sure helps to not be in local view %| :expressionless: