How To Add A .blend File Into Another .blend File

Hi im devloping some FPS games and created a map and a player and a weapon and every thing has got a name like map.blend , player.blend , weapon.blend and i want to add the weapon.blend and player.blend into map.blend so the map.blend will Contain the player and the Weapon and they will work exactly like they do when they was in weapon.blend and so i also mean if the player in player.blend was run when you click on a key in the keyboard he can run when it be imported to map.blend Thx

I think what you’re looking for is library linking. Here is a video tutorial on the process:

If you want to be doing this kind of stuff at runtime, then you’ll need to use the new dynamic loading feature present in 2.5.

Thanks I will try it tommorow if it works good i will say it:cool:

Thx that Worked Good