How to add a color curve?

Somewhat embarrased to ask… but how can I add a color curve to make an object to change it’s color over time? With 2.49 it was clear, but now I don’t even know how to add that curve.

Compositor…Material colour mix node fac(tor) value animated?

Let’s see… Shader nodes(Is that right?), add material (or pick existing one), add mix node, select value from available options, but then… animated?

Hit ‘I’ on that field (while howering mouse over)… set next frame, change value, hit again… watch, enjoy… me think. However, not sure it’s feasible in compositor. Should work in material properties though. Again, never tryed, but in theory… For cycles works like charm…:slight_smile:

Howering mouse pointer over object don’t do that. What field are you talking about? On what editor?


Thanks, eppo. With Cycles it works as you said. It just took a while understanding what you meant. With Blender that solution doesn’t work but we will leave that issue for now.

Up to you of course, but it works in BI too. Almost any numerical slider in blender could be animated - Material properties, Procedural texture parameters and so on. If you had figured it out for cycles following my, well, not so clear suggestions, same goes for the rest of the bunch. Set frame, change parameter, hover mouse over changed property numerical field and hit ‘I’ - insert keyframe. And so on. Play, render out.

Happy blending!