How to add a shortcut for screen.area_join

I am trying to create a shortcut that would allow me to join blender screen areas (the divisions of the window). I find manually dragging on the corner or right clicking on the border tedious. Sadly when I add a shortcut for screen.area_join under Input > Screen, that doesn’t do anything.

A shortcut for screen.area_split works. Does anyone have an idea how to make it more convenient to join areas or how to shortcut this command?

Bumping this thread.

I wanted to add shortcuts to be able to split and join the screen areas with hotkeys. Now, Split works perfectly. You can just right-click on the separator and Assign Shortcut. Later in the Preferences you can also specify whether this Hotkey will create a Vertical or Horizontal split.


However the Join Area seems not to be designed well to be used with a Hotkey. After you Assign Shortcut for Join Area, it won’t work. In the Preferences there are a bunch of parameters for X and Y max. My guess is that is seems to create a Hotkey with specific mouse coordinates and the Hotkey would only work at that precise location on the screen. Could anyone check if they’re able to create a working hotkey for Join Area? Otherwise, this would be a feature request / design fix for UI team :slight_smile: