how to add a vertex to edge intersections

I’ve created a model of a pentagram but all of the faces overlap, which causes the intersections to render darker/wrong. Here is my model showing the vertices:

what can I do to create new vertices where the edges intersect so that I can create a single new face in the area that currently overlaps?
I know I can use the knife to cut the edges, but I can’t manually position it at the exact intersection. Is there a way to snap the knife to the intersection? or snap the cursor to the intersection and then snap the knife to the cursor?

I’m having the same problem -.-

all i want to do is to have a vertex where edges intersect when i make an edge. But it seems so tedious…
Just a dot on the cross T__T

I tried the knife, its always creating extra edges as well. The script offered in the linked thread… mm, i’m still trying to find out how to run it.

Do update the post, if you managed to fix your stars bareflix :slight_smile:

deleted coz i realised i got the wrong steps…

It is tedious. First you have to get rid of the faces [a, x>>Faces only] or you’ll wind up with a lot of unneeded edges to delete later. Add the number of new vertices you’ll need along an edge by using Multi-Subdivision [W>>Subdivision Multi, number, OK]. Change the pivot point to the 3d cursor [Hotkey= keyboard period]. Snap the 3d cursor to one point of the star [select the vertex, Shift+S>>Cursor to Selection]. Select one of the new vertices and slide it into postition using scale (it will move toward or away from the pivot point.)

Slightly easier but less accurate: Deselect the pentagram object and use it for a template. Add a new object (doesn’t matter what) and erase all the vertices [x>>vertices]. Then create a cloud of unconnected vertices [Ctrl+LMB, a to deselect, repeat several times, then a to select all and duplicate several times with Shift+D]. Select single vertices from the cloud and move them over your template, positioning them at the intersections and end points. Erase any unneeded cloud vertices. Select the vertices four at a time and create faces[f]. Straighten the edges out by box selecting a horizontal row of vertices, then scaling to zero (assuming top view, use s,y,zero). If the pentagram is pointing up, there should be two horizontal rows of vertices to straighten out. Once these are done, rotate the pentagram 72 degrees[r, 72], and a new arm will be horizontal, straighten this one out, and repeat until everything is lined up.


this script might help:


for anyone still looking for a good solution to this problem, I suggest getting the “Blender Assisted Design” script written by Mart Roosmaa, which allows you to select two intersecting edges and use the “weld” function to create a vertex at the intersection. see: