How to add a vertex

(Xtra) #1

Hi folks!

Is it possible to add one vertex without adding a view edges? An example: I have a cube, select two vertices and want to add one vertex between the selected vertices. When I use the subdivide function, I get an additional vertex but there are some edges (in this case four) to the opponent corners too. Who said, that I want to got them? In a complex mesh, it will become very confuse.

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(theeth) #2

Technically, you can do this manually (by extruding the vertex), but the subdivide functions ensure that you the faces bounded to the edge is also subdivided, so you don’t get overlapping egdes and faces.


(haunt_house) #3

You can do this, if you remove the faces first. select them and say xkey only faces. If you want a really independant vertex (not connected to any face or edge,hit akey til nothing is selected and then ctrl-leftmousebutton.

or you can copy your mesh, then subdivide the copy and then delete all the original vertices of the copy.

For what purpose do you need that technique?