How to add an Ipo of type "Key"

Appologies if I’ve missed an earlier forum posting, but I haven’t seen one.

I’ve been bashing my brains out trying to figure out how add Key ipo curves for relative vertex keys. I’ve created some RVKs with NMesh.insertKey on a mesh.

After I run the script, I can see the keys in my ipo window and when I click on the keys, I see my mesh object take on the right deformations.

My problem is this: how, in python, can I add the ipos for the keys I’ve created? On the Ipo package, I can call Ipo.New(“Key 1”) (or whatever), but what can I set this new Ipo on? If I try to set it on the Object, I get an error, obviously, and NMesh doesn’t have a setIpo() call.

Is it even possible to create these ipos for an RVK within python?


Is it safe to assume from the silence that there is no python api call to attach an ipo to an RVK?

wanted to bump this…

Did you find out anything useful?

I personally am stuck at about this point too, not being able to figure out how to adjust rvk ipos in python. Which I need, since I’m trying to randomize a shape from frame-to-frame…