How to add code for addons?

First, sorry if this is in the wrong spot. Mods please move this as needed.

On to the question. I’m wanting to install a couple addons, but when I go to the “download” link, all I get is a bunch of code. No link, no file, just some webpage with a thousand lines of code. I’m no programmer, but it looks like something Blender might use, but I have no idea what to do with it.

How can I take the code and make it do something useful in Blender.

Example: the Window Generator here. I click on the download link and all I get is a page of code.

It’s a .py file. More precisely, a Blender python script and parts of that code in it makes it an addon.
What you do is you save the page (my browser asks what to do with the file, it doesn’t show it in the browser), and install it from the user preferences -> addons -> install from file button. That puts it in the right place (user folder), then make sure the addon is enabled.

Great! That worked perfectly. Thank you.