How to add facial features if character's head is a cube

I am trying to model a character, and i made its head a heavily subdivided cube. Now that I am trying to add facial features, I don’t know how.

Are you just modelling the head or planning on sculpting?

If modelling, you might be better off looking at some tutorials first. You will want to create the face/head using a good topology flow, which makes the features much easier to create.

i am modeling, is there a tutorial you could recommend?

There is the Blenderella training course, I’m not sure how old that is now but you can work it through in 2.8.

It does cost though.

Thanks, I’ll look into it.

If you are just box modeling a head with mirroring, there are a bunch of tutorials online that you can follow, regardless of software. You should be able to follow along even if the tutorial is from Maya…just as long as you know the basics.