How to Add Handles to Bezier Curve

I want to convert this curve point to “handles” I remember it being (V Key) before but now in 2.6 it doesn’t seem to work and looking through the Blender Wiki “Curves” page I could not find an explanation as to how to do this.

I do wish there was a menu that opened when using the Blender curves to make it more intuitive.

Anyways, anyone know how to convert the point to an curve with handles? Thanks.


is that a path?
if it’s a bezier curve, you can enable the handles by pressing N then under Curve display enable handles

Actually it’s a mesh. (Edges) Can I turn it into a Path?

to convert it to a path press alt-C

yes but after go in to edit mode select all vertices and change the spline type to Bezier( in the tool shelf ) then press V and select automatic