how to add letter to string property?

how can i add letter to string property

for example :

keyboard sensor (A Key) ----- Controller(and)-----property actuator(mode:add|property:prop|value:A)

so,when i press “A” Three Times,The String Property(prop) Value Should Changed To “AAA”

and i have a property sensor like this

property Sensor(evaluation type:equal|property:prop|Value:AAA) ----- controller(and)-----edit object(add object:cube)

But When I try To add a letter to a string property,the string value changed to “[ A not found]”.then i press “A” Again
it changes to “[ A not found] + [ A not Found]”…but its working fine when i tried to add a number to the string property

so,what i realiy want to do is making some kind of a console for my game,like,cheats codes

is there any possible way to add letter to string propert??

in Property actuator set value as “A” not just A. A would be the name of a property (which does not exist in your case = error message)

Version 1:

Version 2:

Why don’t you use the script in this forum post instead of you using target, prop?!!

thanks for the help guys,it works now :slight_smile: