how to add normal/displacement/specularity maps to a texture in blender 2.72b?


I’m trying to work on a blender tutorial called “The secrets of realistic texturing in blender”

everything was going fine up until the 20 minute mark, wherein i was trying to add a normal texture map to my diffuse map, but cant quite figure out to. The tutorial is in a earlier version of blender (Im working in blender 2.72b), and i cant figure out how to apply my normal map to the diffuse texture pattern. If someone could tell me how to correctly add a normal map (created in crazybump) to a texture it would be greatly appreciated.

Heres where im at so far:

The tutorial linked is using a different renderer and material system to the one in your screenshot.
Delete the materials you have already made and at the top of the blender interface change the render engine from ‘Blender Render’ to ‘Cycles Render’. Then follow the tutorial

thank you very much Richard!