How to add Post/Reply Counts to new Forum layout

Until / if the post counts / replies are re-activated, this is a solution for FireFox users :

  1. Install the GreaseMonkey addon (it’s very small ~54k)

GreasMonkey is here :

(Credits to reD_Fox for writing the script ! :slight_smile:

Click on “install now”, then restart your brower, then click on the this link:
a dialog should popup with an Install option, click on it and you should see post/replies counts !

(Or you can go to the Tools/Extensions menu and click on “Get more Extensions” in the dialog, then on the Mozilla site, type “grease” into the search box to come up with the same link.

You might have to refresh the page, but the counts should be visible after this procedure.


Thanks for that. Just the thing I was looking for.
Dunno why the forum admins disabled it.


post count is back, still waiting on replies…

What do you mean waiting on replies? I added the replycount back into the forum. Postcount isn’t very interesting because it’s always replies+1 :slight_smile:

I’m happy with the replies figure, it’s already proved to be a time-saver. Some forums have “views” and this can be useful for an original poster who might wonder why 125 people have read the question but none have answered. But the reply figure is definitely the most important one imho.


It’s great that reply count is back. If you really want to see the number of views, just find someone who posted there, go to their public profile, and click “find all posts by …”
Where they did that post, it says how many views there have been.


The view count is also viewable by hovering over the last-post user in the thread overview. I’ll see if I can put this info directly into view too.