How to add power-ups

im creating a game that need power-ups…
its like mario where you hit a block and the power up comes out moving.

  1. how would i animate it so it looks natural
  2. how would i make him bigger or what the power-up makes him?
    would i (collision/Power-up}{and}{edit object/add object/Power)?
    also like mario you have to have one power-up to get another power-up
  3. how would i have to get one power-up to get another?
    would i put it in toggles visibility2 then name the property “Power”
    then and (to the power up) (collision/Character}{and}{edit object/power)
    and (collision/character}{And}{visibility/visible off}
    for all you that are wondering it is a mario game…

Ipo’s are the magic thing here. Make the animation (scaling, movement rotation etc) and then use it in-game with the ipo actuator.
Using bool properties to allow you to pick up dependent powerups (property = true and collision) and instead of visibility (you can collide with invisible objects) try having an activate Ipo. (when they are inactive they are off the bottom of the screen)

Good luck. Sorry if I wasn’t to clear, just ask for more detail if necessary.

i say the key is the state system and python. I am have done exactly what ur asking. I used alot of scripting to get it to work. watch, my vid.

Btw When i said “toggles visibility2” i met to click “M” then put it in second box