How to add python scripts in blender 2.48 in linux?

I have installed the .deb package for blender 2.48 in linux 64 bit. The .deb package i found in But when i wanna add a script i don’t find the script folder where all the python scripts should reside. Shouldn’t it be under /usr/lib/blender? but nor therer or in the folders under there is a script folder that i can see… its not hidden either cause i have looked very carefully in all places.

It is hidden.
Click view hidden files in your /Home directory(maybe CTRL+H).
The folder you’re looking for is ‘.blender’, inside that is ‘scripts’.
Which linux do you have?

EDIT - Be sure to check the scripts file path in your ‘User Preferences’

Have you looked in your HOME folder, in the hidden .blender folder, specifically " ~/.blender/scripts/blender", they are all there on my system (Ubuntu 8.04.1).

I found it… thank you for your help.

But now i got another problem running luxrender i get this:

(/home/kjell/luxrender-linux-x64-0.5a/bin/luxconsole-gcc /home/kjell/.blender/scripts/bpydata/default.lxs)&
/home/kjell/luxrender-linux-x64-0.5a/bin/luxconsole-gcc: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

What is this meaning?