How to add Rigid Bodies to multiple objects?


I’ve imported an object from another app that has about 150 seperate pieces. Is there a way to add rigid body physics to them in one go?

I’ve tried multi-select in the viewport, but that didn’t work. Maybe there is a script or something for this?

Or am I in for a long night!? :spin:

you could either join all the objects(ctrl + j), or copy the data(ctrl + c)

There are at least three ways of doing this.

  1. The easy way:
    Click one piece, click another piece, press CTRL+J. Click the main (Grouped pieces) piece and repeat for all the pieces.

  2. The way I don’t know how to do correctly:
    Parent all the objects to the one closest to the center. Click “Compound” in the bounds section on the center one and click “Add to parent” in the bounds section on all of the others.

  3. Set all of the objects at “No collision” in the logic window. Create a box object that is the approximate shape of the objects. Parent the objects to the box, put them in the box just right, click the box, click “Invisible” in logic and Triangle Mesh if your object has holes or Convex Hull if your object(s) are simple enough.

Thanks for the speedy replies :slight_smile:

If I use the ctrl J method, will the objects still behave as individuals once a collision occurs?