How to add scripts in Blender 2.58a?

Hi there,

I use Debian Squeeze 6.01 64bit. I’ve spent good hours to install MBDyn add-on which comes with two python script files. Blender 2.58a won’t install it at all. I tried to use [Install add-on]. I copied the script files at ~/.blender/scripts/addons or blender’s default add-on directory.

Just for curiosity I installed Blender 2.49 version. I can see MBDyn menu now when I choose the script window. But, it’s way too slow compared to 2.58a one.

Is there big change from 2.49 to 2.5x the way Blender handles python scripts?

You’ll need scripts written for blender 2.58 for them to work. Earlier scripts won’t so I assume the script was written for 2.49. It will never work with 2.58 unless it is rewritten to comply with the current python api.