How to add single vertex to an edge?

hi i want to know how can i add single vertex to an egde?
i want it to cut a face like in xsi maya and silo …
they have free cut tool. is it possible in blender?

Select the edge or the face you want to cut and Press K.
Then you get some options for Cutting.

Blender only knows tris and quads. No ngons yet! So it is not possible to cut a shape into another shape without getting tris without carefull planning. Cut tools are in K menu. Adding NEW verices to a mesh is as easy as clicking CTRL+LMB at the place you want the new vertice. An edge will be drawn to the last selected vertice.
Another way is to subdivide using W menu.

for people equipe with intel chopset the knife is one thing that is not working

so then you sub-divide and place the wideget on the edge and you can then move the vertex where ever you want along taht edge !
there is more than one way to do things in blender


You should report this as a bug!

Look on main download page for blender on the right middle of page

it’s there since last year at least

last weej i sent a complain directly to intel corporation

they are supposed to contact poeples at blender and may be will have more compatibility hopefully very soon for this driver
there was lots of complains about this driver for intel chipset
video accelerator!