How to add text in video (Like premier pro prtl)

I wants to text add-in video,I Wants to video editing in the blender.
How to add text in the video (Like premier pro prtl)?

There is a simple text tool in the video sequence editor, but If you need to do more advanced stuff then you’ll have to make the other edits first, then render the project as a png sequence and audio file.

Next start another blend file, set the camera to use the png sequence as a background image, create a 3D text object, and animate it while looking through the viewport’s camera. Make sure to set the background to be transparent so that you can composite this on top of the video footage later (in the property editor: Render tab > Film > transparent). If you also need sound while animating, then add a speaker object and change its source to the sound file. You will be able to hear the speaker when you enable audio scrubbing in the playback header of the timeline.

Lastly, in order to actually render this out as a video you’ll have to make a new scene inside this blend file (there is a button for this in the top right of the header that has the workspace tabs). Open the video sequence editor in this new scene and add the same png sequence and sound file you used while animating your text. Now add a scene strip that is set to the scene with the 3d text. As long as its above the video strip and the background is set to transparent, the video clip you render out should look the way it did when you were animating it.

You have to do a lot of extra stuff in order to accomplish this because blender’s video editor wasn’t actively developed for a long time. Don’t worry though. The foundation has seen a big spike in funding recently, so we’ll probably see the workflow improved in the following years. For example, we’ll probably see them eventually add the ability to add a scene strip for the same scene we are working in sometime in the future. It’s only missing because of the old dependency graph. 2.8 has a more advanced dependency graph, so there shouldn’t be any bottle neck holding back this feature’s development.

Thanks for so much information.Now i plan to shift in blender & avoid to using autodesk 3dsmax & Adobe premiere pro.
Once again thanks,Looking forward for blender as a active video editor software too.

Here is a tutorial I made that uses the VSE title tool

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