How to add vertices on curve line without subdividing?

I am a 3ds Max user exploring blender, so I am a big noob with blender just so you know.

Exactly as the title is saying; is there an easy way to add a vertex on a curve object line, without having to select two other vertices and subdividing?

In 3ds Max for splines you have an option called “refine” which basically let’s you click anywhere on a spline/curve and it creates a vertex there. Does Blender have anything like that?

Having to constantly select two vertices, subdividing and moving the vertex on the exact path is just busy work.

Hi Zoddo,

with the Flexi Bezier Tool you can add Controlpoints with Ctrl+LMB

thanks for the tip, just installed it and it works great!

Just a shame that some basic features don’t exist yet in blender, and heavily rely on 3rd party add ons.
Hopefully they’ll “fix” that soon, the default spline editing really gave me a headache XD