How to adjust eyelids to the eyes?

Maybe this has been explained somewhere, but I’ve been looking for it in the forums with no luck.
How do you adjust the eyelids to the eyeballs?


Perfect. Thanks a lot!

I just figured this out myself. It took some research at a few medical websites and some Blender searches. I also did some google image searches on eyes and found out that you need to carefully size the eye ball in proportion to the head, then move the eyelid vertices back around the eyeball.

Also, the eyelids are thicker on the edges and there’s the tear ducts too.

Here’s a WIRE animation of the the picture shown above…
Click here to watch WIRE-Eye-in-Blender (840 KB)

A few tutorials recommend animating the lids with RVK but I notice that since Vertex Keys are linear, the leading edge of the lid sort of “cuts through” the cornea rather than travelling over it. Not bad for a fast blink but noticable on a slow, sexy wink.

I’ve seen one Maya tutorial which used bones to make facial parts like this travel in arcs. What methods have Blender animators used? Any tutes?

I’ve always used bones for eyelids. I have a bone for the upper lid and one for the lower lid. Both bones have their roots at the center of the eyeball and point to their respective lids, which have vertex weights that are set to full along the edge of the lid and gradually reduce in weight as they get closer to the socket. That’s my basic setup. I’ve also played with setting up a third bone to control the direction of the actual eyeball. The advantage of this is that you can use constraints with reduced influence from the lid bones to the eye bone so you can get that subtle eyelid movement as the eye looks in various directions (most visible on up and down movement).