How to adjust modifier on multiple objects with various value to unified value

I am not sure if that is possible atm but I would like to ask if there is a way to set various modifier value (same modifier but different value used on few objects) to one unified value for all modifiers?

I know that it is possible to adjust value of modifier on multple objects at once but it does seem to be always adjusted “by specific value”. This can be done with pressed ALT while all objects are selected -> value is being adjust for all objects.
However as soon as I set 2 different values on 2 different objects then “global” change of modifier value is increased/dicreased “by” that value and not to changed to “SET value”. That applies even when I set exact number (for example 400).

TL:DR - I have 3 objects and each one has bevel modifier on with a different value of width. Is it possible to set unified value for all 3 objects at once?

I’m not sure why the alt-click and enter specific value isn’t working for you, works here just fine. You should also be able to right click the field and “Copy To Selected”.

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:thinking: Hmm I must be doing something wrong then. I am on 2.81 but I just tried 2.79 and even there it is just same.
Let’s say I got 2 cubes :

Cube 1 has a bevel width value set to 100 mm
Cube 2 has a bevel width value set to 300 mm

I select Cube 1 and then Cube 2 (Cube 2 is active) and then set alt-click value 500 (changed from 300) and that means it is increased by 200. Cube 1 value also changes but to 300 instead of wanted 500 (because it changes by 200 according to cube 2).

Did you do something else to achieve what I want?

No, I did not. Try without addons perhaps?

Thanks for respones Stan I got it now. The problem was with alt-click timing.

Apparently when you set value and then use alt (and hold) followed by enter (confirm) it sets the value the way it did for me.

But if you use ALT (and hold) + click on the value field then release ALT, set number and press enter, then it does unify values to one.

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