How to adjust rotation point of Hook modifier on a Cloth Sim

Hi all,

Trying to work out how to get some manual animation control over a Cloth sim. Using some of the clues from this post (How to make bones follow a cloth simulation?) I’ve made some progress and think I’ve got translation working. However rotation is a bit of a problem.

Looking at this first image:

I have a strip of mesh with a Cloth sim on it and a Hook Modifier that is linked to an empty with a vertex group that the empty will manipulate.

The empty then has a Copy location constraint which is used to ‘fix’ it to the mesh and follow it as the Cloth sim progresses.

At frame 0 in the above image, one can rotate the empty and it works fine, however, move ahead some frames of the sim:

and the mesh starts to fall (the very top of the mesh is pinned to stop the whole mesh from falling) with the empty following it. All good.

The problem is that if you then try to rotate the empty it rotates around it’s pivot origin point based on where it was at frame 0 rather then wherever it is along the timeline.

Here’s the blend file if anyone wants to play with it and test out a solution:
Cloth-upload.blend (885.5 KB)