How to adjust size (ex. perfect square etc)


I was wondering how you could handle lengths of edges or objects in Blender ? Where can you enter lengths of objects ?

I know how to size them, but for example if you are in subsurf mode, and you want 4 vertices to be a perfect square, where can you adjust the length of the edges for example to make a perfect square out of them ?




One method - In edit mode, Select an edge (Verts would be better IMHO), then press the n key. The transform panel works for verts, edges and faces in edit mode. When in object mode, the transform panel works on objects.

Best of luck!

When in edit mode, go to buttons window, to mesh tools 1 pannel under editing. There you can set blender to display Edge Length, Edge Angles and Face area to help you with properly sizing the mesh parts.

Many thanks OBI Ron and Lamoot for the input.

The mesh tool 1 from La moot was what I was looking for, but the transform panel also is a helpfull tool I didn’t yet used, so that’s 2 very helpfull tips.

thanks so much,