How to adjust size of camera box?(Si frurstrated)

I wanted to make this camera flame bigger, but it didn’t work… I tried Ctrl +Middle mouse button. It didn;t change the box frame.

This is the one that I want to make a bigger frame.

Thank you !!!

Sounds like you want to zoom out, if so, select your camera (from to right list) then head to the camera properties… The small camera icon towards the very bottom right. In there you should beable to zoom or resize frame (dont have blender in front me and forget the name).

Hi Joe, thanks for your comment,

Would you tell me which one is ? I also played out this menu but didn’t figure it out yet…

There is a Blender addon that you have to activate ““Pan Orbite Zoom Roll””
It will be on the right side accessible with the N key, see pic

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Select the camera press G then Z then Z again, and move the mouse backwards and forwards

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There is also camera lock to object

The use LMB to zoom in or out…

If you want to zoom in and out to change your cameras framing, its Focal Length.

Thank you! I found the addon 'Navigation" and it worked pretty well !!