How to adjust the "speed" of an animation


I am very new to blender and 3d in general. I have my first real animated project how i want it except that it runs too fast. When I animated it in the first place I wasn’t really thinking about frame rates while placing keyframes. Is there a way to add a set number of frames between each keyframe?


First of all, I’d like to say, welcome to the Blender community, and we’re glad to have you, and we hope you make the best of Blender.

Okay. In the buttons window at the bottom of the screen, you can go to the render buttons, (the button with the mountain and the sun) In the far right panel, you can change the frame rate, where it says fr/sec. The default is 25, but you can lower it. Or, you can go to the NLA editor, and you’ll see the individual keyframes for each object, and you can move those how ever much you want.

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I too am new (6 months old) so I hope this is the answer you need. You can set the first frame of an animation by selecting frame 1 as a key frame (IKEY) then using the up/down and left/right keys on the keypad to jump ahead as many frames as you want, then adjust your scene (move objects to their desired position for this frame), then use IKEY to select the second keyframe. Blender creates all the frames between the two you selected (using IKEY) by interpolating the movement of anything that changed position between those two keyframes.

A good view to se how the scene is changing over time is obtained by CTRL-LEFTARROW. This produces a view (usually the camera view), a list of objects in the scene, an ipo window (this is a very useful, graphical method for seeing how things are moving but takes a while to get used to) and a playback button so you can see the scene moving (without shadows and textures) like it would once it was anim ated. (CTRL-RIGHTARROW to get back to the original view)

There is a speed option in the ipo window for path animation but I don’t know how to work it yet.

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Thanks for getting back to me.

When I first animated the project the procedure I used is basically what you suggested. The trouble is that now that I have that done I want to inject more frames without having to reanimate from scratch. I am going to check into that speed option a bit.

It depends what you’ve got and what want to do with it, but here are 2 options:

  1. if you want to change the speed of the whole anim then in F10 buttons window there is an Icon in the Header with a wavy arrow. Click on that and you’ll see MapOld and MapNew. If (lets say) your existinf framelength is 100 and you want it to be 250 then you set MapOld at 100 and MapNew at 250. This setting applies itself to the Whole Scene.

  2. if you want to change the framelength of an individual Action (make the walkcycle slower but keep the (lets say) camera action intact) then goto the Action Window, select the Action, select all Keys with A and Scale them with S. Then goto the F10 render window, Anim tab, and set the End Frame to the same as the frame of the last Key in the scaled Action. This applies only to the Active Action.


The first option is what I want; However, for some reason it won’t let me put a number larger than 900 in either the MapOld or MapNew boxes. I have a short, simple animation that is just under 1000 frames which I am doing as a cool alternative to powerpoint for a science class (and to get better with blender)

Am I missing something?

Thanks for all the help

Never mind, I figured it out. Thanks again for pointing out that feature.

it won’t let me put a number larger than 900

Yes, but if you make the MapOld 25 (on a 100 frame scene) then you effectivly have 900 X 4 on the MapNew side. Just do the math.


What Fligh % said. You can also select all keys past a certain point then grab all selected keys to adjust the number of frames between two keyframes whilst keeping the rest of the sequence unchanged.

To adjust speed when animating along a path you can create a speed curve (actually more like a position-along-the-path curve) by CTRL-LMB in the ipo/curve/speed window. Adding points using CTRL-LMB and manipulating the curve then adjusts the speed along the path.

Thanks for all the help. I have it fixed now. Now all I have to do is wait for it to finish rendering (time for a new computer).