How to align a face and its relative mesh to an axis

Hi there,

I’m trying to make my own smartphone mockup. As soon as the mesh was taking shape I wanted to try to play with materials and environment, rotating again and again until I realised I have no idea to align it as it was when started. I actually still need to make buttons and camera.

Let’s say that I started to learn Blender a few days ago and I haven’t familiarised with it yet.

If it might be helpful, I’m running Blender v2.7.7 on a Macbook pro with OS X El Capitan.

Press ‘Alt+R’ to reset it’s rotation values. You can see the rotation values in normal panel in transform section. You can open/close the normal panel with ‘N’.

Thank you very much, it worked.

These ones use correct terminology

Also check the tutorial linked in my signature.