How to align an obj to a flat mesh?

I’d like to redo the metal rings in the sneaker. The ones here are not 3d.
The problem I have is how to position them in a way that they are correctly aligned to the canvas?
I tried duplicating only the inside faces of the ring, to then solidify it. But then I couldn’t make it thicker as even the “Normal” coordinate system was not scaling in the direction it was supposed to.

Any ideas?

Thanks guys,


Individual objects, use face snapping with rotation option enabled.

Another way is to use a helper object that is put on the target object and then use duplication. For example, an array of small planes, shrinkwrap modifier to get those aling on the surface, and then use face duplication to get any object on those faces.

Example blend that uses duplication.
duplication.blend (483 KB)

Thank you so much JA12, the first tip helped big time. I’ll give a try to the second one soon.


If you have canvas faces, then they are correct place already :slight_smile: Use whatever technic and translate those faces to circles.