How to align (move + rotate) object to another?

I remember vaguely a simple yet unintuitive way to align one object to another in blender. Something to do with selecting both objects, then applying the transform.

I have a few objects I need to replace in my scene and i want to align the pivots of the new to the existing object.

Does anyone know a simple way to do this?

For future reference:

Select both objects, right click transform > copy to selected and same for rotation.

No audio, but should give you an idea.

I wonder why blender has no proper aligning tool? If you want to align object or bone to other object or bone it’s ridiculous how many clicks you have to make to get it aligned. Best way I found to align object is use copy atributes addon, but still you need few clicks - ctrl+c for orientation and ctrl+c for location.

Proposed solution only works if both objects have same parent space. If object A is a child of another (transformed) object B, displayed transform values will not be in world space and will differ from those of object C (the one you want to align).

Best way is to add a copy transforms constraint and then apply visual transformation (ctrl+A). (select master object, then slave object, ctrl+shift+C, “copy transforms”)


At least it’s doable in Blender, when I used LW, you had to use a plugin and even then it wasn’t this simple. That said, I am often surprised the project button doesn’t give the result one would expect, so I tend to use the align to view method as it’s reliable.

For me copy attributes addon is working well for now. Align object or bone position and rotation in two clicks. :slight_smile:

Aye, I suppose it’s copy rotation vs using the object as a modelling plane, which is pretty much what I use that workflow for. :slight_smile:

The Bmax addon has a pretty good align tool similar to the one in 3ds max!

Align Tools addon was added to Blender 2.80 recently, on the Testing tab.
Worked very well so far.